Did You Say High-Speed Broadband?

Broadband partner logos

Broadband partner logosIn January 2023 we learned that Consolidated Communications (Fidium) $8.1 million proposal to build a high speed fiber broadband network in the Greater East Grand region was approved by the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA). The local volunteer task force led by the economic council recommended this solution to the communities and received unanimous support. The question on everyone’s mind since then has been “so when will that broadband project actually begin?”

As of January 2024, the final agreement between MCA, Consolidated and the GEGEC is complete. On the ground, pre-engineering work has already begun. The final engineering work and building design will be completed this winter. Actual infrastructure buildout will begin in March or April 2024 – once the snow clears. As a preview of what is to come next summer, please explore this website – www.Fidiumfiber.com – and learn more about the services coming to the region. In the meantime, you can send questions about the broadband project to Sarah Strickland at sbs4940@gmail.com. She continues to serve as our project advisor to ensure continuity until the project is completed in 2024.