Three Year Goals

Goal A: Economic Vitality – Stable local businesses and investment in entrepreneurs.

  1. Support sustainability and successful business succession.
  1. Invest in business opportunities for young adults and encore entrepreneurs, especially in trades occupations that are needed in the region.
  1. Increase access to high-speed broadband services. Complete Phase 1 assessment and secure funding for Phase 2.
  1. Expand recreational infrastructure to support a four-season tourism market especially in support of existing businesses.


Goal B: Workforce Development – an educated, reliable workforce for local businesses.

  1. Continue to invest in East Grand School and its graduates.
  1. Create incentives and internship opportunities for young adults to be a part of the economic and community development activities across the region.
  1. Partner with local non-profit service organizations to develop workforce development services in order to establish an increased pool of candidates for local jobs.


Goal C: Vibrant Communities – attract visitors, welcome newcomers, support residents. 

  1. Identify and seek investment for community designated projects in Amity, Bancroft, Brookton, Codyville, Danforth, Drew, Forest City, Glenwood, Haynesville, Orient, Reed, Topsfield and Weston.
  1. Complete a study on current and future housing needs across the region in collaboration with town leaders.
  1. Coordinate economic development priorities and destination marketing efforts with the Town of Danforth’s development plans.
  1. Develop a sustainable volunteer network as current community leadership retires.