Vibrant Communities

Attract visitors, welcome newcomers, support residents.


1. Continue to build community collaboration capacity in the region.
• Successfully complete the Broadband Infrastructure Project with Consolidated Communications.
• Research how best to initiate a region wide Comprehensive Planning Project for future in-migration and development challenges.
• Complete a study on current and future housing needs across the region in collaboration with town leaders.
2. Identify and seek funding for community designated projects the 12 communities in the region.
• Initiate/expand Friendly Communities projects. • Identify each town’s priorities to increase attractiveness. • Support Danforth’s revitalization efforts.
3. Address how to eliminate the illegal drug trade in the region.
• Explore implementation of a Neighborhood Watch program in Danforth..
• Conduct a housing study and map “drug” houses in region.
4. Develop and coordinate a destination marketing project for the region.
• Complete a branding and identity project for the region’s marketing efforts.
• Start a cultural and arts committee to expand local events.