The Starting Gate:
Regional Collaboration & Investment to Advance the Vision

Next Steps for 2020-2021

  1. Present, discuss, and revise this first planning document with community leaders, residents, advisors and investors. 
    • Launch a website and provide materials that can be used to initiate community-wide discussions about this draft economic plan.
  1. Define and organize a regional entity to guide and manage the implementation of the economic/community development plan.
    • Select an existing 501c3 entity to serve as the fiscal agent for the GEGR Economic Development office for three years.
  1. Establish a 3-year funding strategy for capacity building and project priorities
    • Prepare proposals to foundations and private donors for three years of funding to build local capacity to guide plan implementation at a sustainable level.
  1. Continue work on three regional priorities.
    • Identify and provide resources to support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the region.
    • Complete all phases of infrastructure planning for high speed internet (View Broadband Resources) access across the region.
    • Initiate a “Branding & Marketing” task force (view Regional Branding Resources) to recommend destination marketing strategies for the region.