Economic Vitality

1. Support Sustainability and Successful Business Succession (click to view documents)
• Invite 1:1 conversation with individual local business owners about their current and long-term financial sustainability and succession plans.
• Provide information about business planning and technical assistance programs available through regional and state economic development agencies.
• Stay current on the financial vulnerability of local businesses in collaboration with the East Grand Chamber of Commerce.
2. Invest in Business Opportunities for Young Adults and Encore Entrepreneurs (click to view documents)
• Meet and interview young adults who live in the region to learn about their career aspirations.
• Identify and interview young adults who would like to return to the region about their career aspirations.
• Identify local people who have new small business ideas and link them to resources that can help with start-up operational and financial planning.
• Work collaboratively with downtown Danforth’s plans for building rehabilitation to house new business start-ups.
3. Increase access to high-speed broadband services. (click to view documents)
• Complete Phase 2 Feasibility planning and RFP process with internet providers.
• Develop a regional business and financing model for infrastructure funding and build-out.
4. Expand recreational infrastructure to support a four-season tourism market (click to view documents)
• Develop and test destination brand concept.
• Initiate the Water Trails infrastructure development plan beginning with the Baskahegan watershed.
• Initiate the Snowmobile and ATV Trails development plan in collaboration with the 7 clubs in the region.
• Complete a feasibility plan for added water access and vehicle/DIY camping sites in the region.